Reduce the time and cost
to market.

We conduct the entire software development process. We will guide you through business analysis and design to development and launch, so that you can focus on your core business.

Our expertise

We work with an array of the most reliable technologies to enable predictable growth for your product.

  • Web development

    We build scalable products and platforms using technologies like React, Angular, Vue, Typescript, Golang and Node.js. We specialise in complex SPAs, PWAs, backend APIs, SDKs and third-party integrations.

  • Mobile development

    We build native and multiplatform mobile applications SDKs for Android and iOS providing an excellent UX for your users. We use technologies like Kotlin, Java, Swift, React Native and Kotlin Multiplatform.

  • Blockchain development

    We create reliable decentralised applications on Ethereum blockchain. We use Solidity, IPFS, The Graph and an array of web technologies, like React and Typescript.

Who do we work with

  • Startups before
    the MVP release

    We align the priorities and help develop your product so that you can plan the launch and future of the company with unparalleled confidence.

  • Startups after
    the MVP launch

    We help you scale your product and team so that you can focus on the business and product development while letting us resolve the intermediate technical challenges.


What happens after you contact us


Business analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your product by running an Event Storming workshop, used in the Domain Driven Design methodology.

You receive a detailed business overview, which helps you bridge the gaps and us to fluently understand your business domain and become good advisors.


Estimation and planning

We break down the business analysis into actionable tasks, aligning the priorities using user story mapping techniques.

You receive an executable roadmap, deadline, and a fixed quote allowing you to immediately start the development.


Development and testing

As we work in sprints, we deliver value on each iteration, which yields results quickly and progressively reduces any project risks. We leverage Test-Driven Development to ensure the business requirements are entirely covered.

You receive a managed software development process that ships value to your customers on each iteration.


Launch, support and documentation

We coordinate the launch of the solution to make it smooth for your users. We provide ongoing support, while the documentation that we create during the development process makes the handover to your in-house team a piece of cake.

You receive a complete product, supported by expert engineers and the documentation providing flexibility to execute further with your in-house team.

Why startups work with us

Fixed quote, lower risk

We provide a fixed price quote for the entire project, so that you can plan your budget with confidence. Forget the complexity of maintenance and support and think strategically about the roadmap.

Team of experts from day one

The average onboarding time for a new software developer is 90 days.

Bring that down by 80% and deliver value to your customers in 2 weeks with a team of senior software engineers who know your business domain inside-out.

Flexibility and certainty in making decisions

You get a highly performant product with the room to develop further. The documentation and training we provide allows you to onboard your in-house team at any point in time when you decide to, keeping your doors open.

Extended support and smooth handover

We take responsibility for what we build. We got your back long after we have delivered the project, because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Estimate your project for free

You will get a thorough business analysis for free along with a fixed price proposal. Get in touch and deliver a great product within budget and on time.