We forge ideas into excellent software.

We work with startups, scaleups, agencies and venture capitals. Get in touch to start making the right decisions and build an engineering process that delivers.

About the team.

Our team is built with people we trust. Together we form a place where everyone shapes the future of their own and the projects we undertake. The creative ideas we iterate through lead to elegant solutions. And although we evolve, the north star goal stays the same — to build a place on mutual respect, where excellence in what we do thrives.

What we do to build your ideas.

Years of experience in multiple industries taught us that there are certain recurring problems depending on the type of company you run. And we know how to solve them.

This is why we segmented our services based on who you are, not just which technology you use.

  • For startups

    Start taking strategic decisions, not just tactical ones. We make entire ideas come to life. We will lead the development of your product from the ideation phases, through development and actively participate in shaping the product with our industry expertise.

  • For scaleups

    We remove the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward with the business roadmap. We take care of technical debt in elegant way and ensure that greenfield projects will withstand scale they are bound for.

  • For Venture Capitals

    We set your portfolio companies up for success. Software engineering process has no secrets to us and we leverage that where execution is crucial and reduce the investment risk.

  • For agencies

    We remove the burden of hiring, growing and managing a team. Diversify your risk, remove scaling complexity and partner with us to deliver your projects on time and budget.

Our approach to your success.

We use a proven process to build reliable and scalable software systems. From the initial idea to the final product, we put our best, observe and improve with each iteration.

be certain that you build the right thing

We leverage Domain Driven Design methods to discover the requirements and shape the solution's architecture. Event Storming workshops have no secrets for us and neither does your business domain after we facilitate them.

avoid costly decisions

Forget about "we cannot do it, it's a lot of effort". We go the extra mile planning the system using Clean Architecture approach. This allows you to make manageable decisions on your product.

increase quality, not waste

In software engineering process, the waste accumulates. We eliminate it by following the Clean Code practices and the best tooling. By using code reviews and pair programming in our process, we ensure that what we ship is top-notch.

optimize by observation and learning

Take control of the dynamics of your team. We use Scrum process continuously to improve the impact we make on your business.

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